Uejima Onitsura

A selection of haiku poetry

the dawn of day ó
on the tip of the barley leaf
the frost of spring

A cooling breeze---
and the whole sky is filled
with pine-tree voices.

roving dreams---
over charred fields,
the windís sound

Watching, I wonder
which poet could put down his quill ...
a perfect moon!


Tanimizu ya
ishi mo uta yomu

The stream in the valley;
Stones too sing songs
Under the cherry-blossoms.


Nyoppori to
aki no sora naru
fuji no yama

Towering alone
against the autumn sky---
mount Fuji


For some reason
there are long, and there are short

To finally know
the plum, use the whole heart too,
and your own nose

Fleeing people,
getting used to people -
baby sparrows

Shitagau ya
oto naki hana mo
mimi no oku

True obedience:
silently the flowers speak
to the inner ear

A voiceless flower
speaks to the obedient
in-listening ear


I know well
that the June rains ...
Just fall.

Bath water
Where shall I throw you?
Crickets singing in the grass


Tei-zen ni
shiroku saitaru
tsubaki kana

In the garden
Whitely blooming
The camellia

Silent the garden
where the camellia-tree
opens its whiteness


Kono aki wa
hiza ni ko no nai
tsukimi kana

This autumn
Iíll be looking at the moon
With no child on my knee


The leaping trout sees
far below, a few white clouds
as they flow


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The Poetry and Haiku of Uejima Onitsura, a japanese haiku master. Includes haiga, illustrated versions of selected poems.