The Haiga Pages

The Illustrated Haiku and Poems of
Ikkyu Sojun
(Ikkyuu Soojun) (1394-1481)

Ikkyu Sojun was a scandal-ridden Japanese Zen master. He was quite the erotic-minded monk and was highly influential in many spheres of art. Sam Hamill wrote this about him:

"...(He) was renowned his teaching and for his frankly erotic poems and revolutionary shakuhachi music. Headmaster at japan's huge Buddhist training centre, Daitokuji, in Kyoto, he resigned after nine days, denouncing the monks for hypocrisy and inviting them to argue their differences "in the whorehouses and sake parlours" where he could be found. At seventy, he scandalized the Buddhist community by moving his lover into his quarters in the templeHis sphere of influence included the tea ceremony, Noh drama, ink painting, calligraphy, and poetry, and he founded what became known as the "Red Thread" (or erotic) school of Zen.


Three Zen Masters by John Stevens

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    The Poetry of Ikkyu Sojun, a japanese haiku master and poet. Includes haiga, illustrated versions of some poems