Miura Chora (1729-1780)


Kogane sabi
Wakaba ni shinobu
Mukashi kana

The tarnished gold
And the fresh greenery
Bring back memories of bygone days.


Shizukasa ya
chiru ni sureau
hana no oto

the sound
of petals falling


out of my way please
and let me plant my bamboos...
old brother toad

over my shoulder...
my friends who followed me were lost
in the clouds of blossom

After spring sunset
mist rises from the river...
spreading like a flood

A storm-wind blows --
out from among the grasses
the full moon grows.

At the ancient shrine
tarnished gold-foil... and green leaves
awakening time

Look, and it starts misting;
just don't look, and it clears --
when gazing at the moon.

scattering in the grasses --

over the low hedge
honest plum distributes petals
half inside...half out

haiga haiga