The Haiga Pages

The Haiku and Poems of
Nozawa Boncho


piled for burning
starts to bud

The brushwood,
Though cut for fuel,
Is beginning to bud.


a shrike's cry ~
light slants through
the red pine grove


naganaga to
kawa hito suji ya
yuki no hara

The long, long river
A single line
On the snowy plain.


All night the ragged
clouds and wind had only one
companion... the moon

To ranging winds
companion: -- in the sky
the single moon.


kasamura ni
kawazu kowagaru

Frightened by a thicket
With a frog in it
Just at twilight


Ichinaka wa
mono no nioi ya
natsu no tsuki

Around the town
the smells of things --
summer moon


So many different ways
to have been in love.
- tr. Lenore Mayhew

The maidservants
Trying to take a peep
Knock down the screen!


A razor,
Rusted in a single night,--
The summer rains!


kiri no ki no
kaze ni kamawanu
ochiba kana

When no wind at all
disturbs the kiri tree—
the leaves that fall!

From the paulownia
without a breath of wind--
falling leaves

See ... the heavy leaf
on the silent windless day ...
falls of its own will


How cool cut hay smells
when carried through the farm gate
as the sun comes up


wasgu bi sy bi
kusu no kare e ni
hi wa irinu

At an eagle’s nest
on dead camphor branches
the sun goes down.


Throwing away the ashes,
The white plum-blossoms
Became cloudy.


mono no oto
hitori taoruru
kagashi kana

A sound of something!
The scarecrow has fallen down
of itself.

There is a hushed sound
Of the scarecrow, fallen down
Alone to the ground.

a soft sound
the scarecrow has fallen
to the ground







the illustrated poems, haiga, of Nozawa Boncho, a japanese haiku master